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Green Investment Scheme

The Kyoto Protocol establishes greenhouse gas emissions targets for the period 2008-2012 for industrialised country Parties and agrees on a number of common approaches to be used to implement those targets.

Emissions trading allows countries with surplus emissions allowances to sell to countries that require additional emissions allowances in order to meet their targets. Certain countries with economies in transition have commitment targets that are well in excess of their current emissions.

Green Investment Schemes (GIS) have been discussed as a way of promoting the environmental efficacy
of transactions that involve such surplus allowances. The idea would be to ear-mark funds generated from
the sale of allowances for use in environmentally-related projects. The GIS would be set up by the seller
countries, and would operate as a domestic scheme within their climate policy framework, with operational
details to be agreed on a bilateral basis between buyer and seller nations.




Government Decree 323/2007. (XII. 11.) Korm. on the implementation of Act LX pdf


Act LX of 2007 on the implementation framework of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol thereof pdf