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Joint Implementation

Under JI, an Annex I Party may implement an emission reduction project or a project that enhances removals by sinks in the territory of another Annex I Party and count the resulting emission reduction units (ERUs) towards meeting its own Kyoto target. An Annex I Party may also authorize legal entities to participate in JI projects.

JI projects shall have the approval of the Parties involved and shall lead to a reduction in emissions by sources, or an enhancement of removals by sinks that is additional to any that would otherwise occur.

Projects starting as of the year 2000 may be eligible as JI projects if they meet the relevant requirements, but ERUs may only be issued for the crediting period starting after the beginning of the year 2008.

The Government of Hungary adopted a government decree on the rules of procedure of JI and CDM projects and on the regulation of the Green Investment Scheme in December 2007. The Decree entered into force on 1 January 2008 and it applies to pending cases and procedures as well.


- Government decree 323/2007 on the implementation of the Kyoto Act pdf



- Procedure in relation to joint implementation for projects (before 1 January 2008) pdf



Accreditation of JI project verifiers


Having fulfilled the eligibility criteria under Decision 9/CMP.1, Hungary is entitled to accredit independent JI project verifiers. The rules of accreditation are laid down by ministerial decree 1/2009. (II. 10.) Kvvm. 


Full text of ministerial decree (only available in Hungarian)



The accreditation procedure is managed by the Chief Environmental Inspectorate (Országos Környezetvédelmi, Vízügyi és Természetvédelmi Főfelügyelőség).


AIEs accredited (or under consideration) by the Joint Implementation Supervisory Board may apply in a simplified procedure, submitting proof on their accreditation, liability arrangements and the payment of the registration fee. The same rules are valid for those entities that are authorised to verify JI projects in other eligible EU member states.


Entities that wish to obtain a first accreditation in Hungary shall submit a number of additional documents (proof of expertise, codes of conduct, etc.) Accreditation is given for relevant sectoral scopes. The Environmental Inspectorate regularly supervises fulfilment of accreditation requirements.


JI projects in Hungary xls (latest updated: 10 March 2010.)